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About Us

  Pak Rehman is established in 1978.

Every products device is the direct result of year of experience, development and quality manufacturing. We use only the highest quality material and components available today. infect we are so proud of our unique products that we offer 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Manufacturer and exporter the top quality SURGICAL, DENTAL, HOLLOWWARE, SCISSORS and BEAUTY CARE INSTRUMENTS and have good reputation for quality instruments at competitive price

  Our mechanized manufacturing unit, consists over 100 production machines installed managed by over 75 dedicated experienced Workers,

Personnel attention is given to each and every instruction of customer with all minor details, We accept both large and small orders, Which are shipped as per request.

Recruit and train dedicated, knowledgeable & trained workers provide a suitable environment and resources, operate sound management system and practices,
We are Committed to established a lifelong partnership with all of our customers.



Pak Rehman Industries
P.O. Box 1963
Solatch Park, Pacca Gharrah,
Kashmir Road,
Sialkot - Pakistan
Ph. +92 432 292698